OlyEcosystems is a volunteer-led, community-based urban conservation and advocacy organization in Olympia, Washington focused on the urban shoreline and associated watersheds. 

OlyEcosystems is driven by the understanding of the intrinsic value of all creatures in our ecosystem. We are united in our value of biodiversity and belief that the community is enriched and defined by a relationship to the wilderness in our midst.


OlyEcosystems protects, preserves, and restores urban wilderness. Our work focuses on strategic acquisition of open space, ecosystem restoration, and advocacy. We depend on community support to realize a collective vision of a sustainable urban environment.


The OlyEcosystems community includes neighbors, volunteers, and citizens of Olympia for whom open space and habitat preservation have been consistent priorities for many years.

OlyEcosystems preserves, protects, and restores local ecosystems thanks to a great number of dedicated volunteers. There are several opportunities to become involved with OlyEcosystems. In addition to our scheduled work parties, there are a number of ways to offer your expertise and make a difference.